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Jon (Stewart) definitely loved you.  He said it a couple of times, and specifically praised your comic timing.

                                                                                              -- Tim Greenberg, Daily Show producer

Your professionalism and talent enchanted the audience.

        -- Lincoln Center, NYC

Will astounded us. Uniquely able to interact with and play off the audience, he awed and quickly captured the house. His fantastic juggling, balancing and feats of agility, combined with a uniquely warm manner and quick wit left the crowd in amazed hysterics. Before an audience of often aloof Yale students, Will's act proved irresistible.

-- Yale University

...fabulously entertaining juggling routines which are both funny and thrilling

                                                                                                                       --NY Post

Master Juggler Will Shaw... this is a world class performer whose mastery and innovation is rare.
                                                                                                -- Performing Arts INSIDER

(his) off-handed comedy was matched by his ability to do difficult juggling. Shaw held the audience in his hand as surely as he held the balls he juggled with comic ease.

                 --The Times Union, Albany

Of all the activities and performers at the store in the past couple of weeks you were listed by the store manager and the district manager as their hands down favorite.


We've heard nothing but rave reviews about your performance.

-- First Night Mystic

Your act was outstanding and so well received by everyone.

--Society of American Magicians

Your fabulous performance was witty, entertaining and most professional.

-- Men's Club Wantagh Jewish Center

You not only thrilled and captivated the children but the parents as well.

-- Levittown PTA

Will, you enthralled the entire Kindergarten, First and Second Graders for an entire one hour show! The children and adults alike were totally entertained by your juggling, magic and comedic skills.

-- P.S. 203

Your well paced routines, age appropriate sense of humor and amazing dexterity mesmerized our children. You encouraged audience participation and treated the children with warmth and respect.

-- Margetts Elementary School

This years holiday show was, in a word, superb! From the moment you started your performance we knew the children would love it. We were right, your show was enjoyed by the children and teachers. The parents were amazed by the way you captured the children's attention.

--PTA of P.S. 205



Photos-2 Western